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Face masks are required to enter premises and shall be worn at all times.


Welcome to Pearson Christian School, a Christian Montessori practicing school. Our programs emphasize Montessori learning to enhance each child’s educational experience. This educational approach allows our instructors to focus on children individually and to adapt lessons to their specific needs and interests.
Each Montessori classroom comes equipped with various materials and tools to make learning fun and easy. Our learning center provides the learner with an opportunity to excel in literacy, math, science, world cultures, Bible knowledge and geography.

We offer programs for children of various ages, including infants and toddlers. Children from age 3 will take field trips, participate in sports, and develop new hobbies such as art and craft, music and baking.


0 - 3 years

3 - 6 years

Lower Elementary
6 - 9 years

Upper Elementary
9 - 12 years

Inside A Montessori Classroom
Here are five things to look for in an authentic Montessori classroom: 
• Learners collaborate and socialize with peers across different ages.
• Learners will be encouraged and shown how to learn with an educator who is called the guide.
• Learners are given trust and autonomy for greater independence within a deeply collaborative, community-oriented framework. 
• Learners gain hands-on experience using Montessori materials that have been carefully sequenced for developmentally appropriate progression.
• Learners will build lifelong social and emotional skills that are uniquely emphasized alongside academics.


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27 Lime Street
Adjei - Kojo, Tema - West

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