About Us

Pearson Christian School opened in November 2017 as a Christ-centered early learning facility. Main curriculum is the Maria Montessori approach and the international primary curriculum. We have small class sizes intended at giving maximum attention to every child. 
Pearson Christian School provides an enriched learning environment that has helped our children learn, develop and grow. Our teaching methods help our students take the next step in their education and approach the future with confidence.
We have the privilege of teaching bright and curious kids from Ghana, the surrounding areas and beyond. If you’re new to our community and would like to learn more about our values, academics, teaching staff or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Our Mission

To build a solid foundation of education for young people, engage and direct them to know Jesus Christ while equipping them to impact the world for God’s kingdom.


Our Vision

To provide Christ centered high quality education in a loving and caring environment, that nurtures and develops each individual to engage and impact the world according to God’s principles.


Our Purpose

Building a "Real Solid Foundation" of education on Jesus Christ.



A warm welcome to Pearson Christian School where we provide the real solid foundation to world-class Christian education for your ward. We invite you to learn more about our curriculum, unmatched facilities, and specialized classes to better prepare your child for a Christ centered life. 


At Pearson Christian School we strive to create a loving learning community that realizes our mission of providing authentic Christian education that embraces the diversity of our students, parents and teachers. This practice is unique to the Montessori methodology which we at PCS have fully embraced. 



Our school environment is prepared to nurture the individual needs of each child and to encourage him or her to be a self directed avid learner who is prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Students attending PCS are able to explore, learn, and discover not only their environment, but build interpersonal relationships as well. We guide students with communication, social interactions, and proper play so they are well-equipped with life skills they need. 


Come and experience our beautifully prepared classrooms and stimulating activities that take place in them. Many students are uncomfortable in a traditional school setting. "One size" does not fit all. We tailor the learning environment to each student's needs -recognizing that each child learns in a different way. Because of this, many children excel beyond their peers in traditional school settings. 
At PCS we know that each individual has a unique learning style and as such, he or she will not be labeled or discouraged; but instead, encouraged to pursue individual studies at their own pace and with the assistance of the lead guide. This practice is unique to the Montessori methodology. 



Our lead guides (teachers) are Montessori certified and bring additional experience in Child Development, French, Spanish, Culinary Arts, & Fine Arts. Our guides and assistants work closely together to ensure your child receives care and consideration for their individual needs as they progress through our programs. Whether you are a curious student, a proactive parent or an outstanding teacher looking for the opportunity of a lifetime or simply seeking information, we are here to help.