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Pearson Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, creed, or national origin. However, applicants and their families should understand that Dr. Maria's Montessori's concepts together with Biblical values will very much influence our teachings and activities that take place daily in our classrooms. 

Dr. Maria Montessori was a scientist and physician who pioneered early childhood learning and facilitated through her own designs, a way of educating children through purposeful play. Her curriculum includes all basic subjects: mathematics, language, writing, reading, science, history, geography, sensorial experiences, and life skills for children as young as age 1.


The Montessori method of instruction has been in place for over 100 years and continues to produce individuals who are capable of making decisions, learn to their fullest potential, question the world around them, and strive to positively do their best. Students are to demonstrate these values daily in their schoolwork as well as their interactions with peers and adults everywhere they find themselves.



Even our youngest students experience significant spiritual growth at PCS. As the children progress through our program they develop a growing awareness of God’s presence in their lives. Through opportunities like Bible studies and our daily worship services students are able to understand their roles in God’s Kingdom.





Our academic program is highly interactive allowing students to learn important concepts through activities that feel like play. Learners are challenged with a vast and comprehensive curriculum in academic and non-academic subject areas.


Learners are expected to adhere to high standards of ethical and moral behavior based on Biblical principles and academic achievement. These life-long guidelines are directly taught and modeled by staff.


Students benefit from small class sizes and strong academic, social and intervention support programs. The largest class in PCS will hold only 12 learners. The curriculum is further enhanced by some special subjects. Students are exposed to introductory-level content in music, art, foreign language and more allowing them to discover individual talents and interests early on.




Our dedicated staff are poised to improve their individual performance with ongoing professional development goals, training, and evaluation tools. Staff carry out their responsibilities in full alignment with the school’s mission and with the highest level of integrity.





Since parents and teachers are partners in the character building of the children we see them as valued members of the school community. As such parental input is actively solicited during decision making in key areas and on issues. Parents are also given ample opportunities to support their children and the school through active involvement in school activities and committees. Our doors are therefore always widely opened to our valued parents.

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