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Bible & Curriculum

As a community of believers, we commit ourselves to providing education that enables children to fully study God's Word. The Bible is fully resonated in our curriculum which is, the Montessori method of teaching. We also remind ourselves of God's presence and love daily through our wonderful morning devotions. 

Academic Excellence

Our curriculum and teaching process has been proven to help students surpass standard public education.

Church Cross



Our goal is to equip students to love and serve God in all things and to see God's hand in all of life. Thus our theme: "Real solid foundation" which is Jesus Christ. 



Our staff consists of fully certified teachers who are also committed in their Christian faith and to the philosophy of the school.


Focus On Health

At Pearson Christian School, we promote healthy active lifestyles and include physical education with lots of outdoor activities all year-round. A healthy body thrives on healthy food. At PCS, we provide a variety of nutritious meals for students including fruits and salads.On special occasions, we dare into continentals and some real classic gourmet meals. 

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